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PointAcross is an all-in-one platform trusted by companies across the globe to easily create, share and measure dynamic rich-media videos within your e-mail marketing. PointAcross empowers marketers, trainers, managers and other content creators to make unlimited video messages that can be personalized and shared via email, social media and text messaging or posted to any website or portal. Click the video to learn more about how PointAcross can help you increase bookings today.  

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Whether you’re looking to boost the performance of email campaigns, book a key sales meeting, improve retention and training, stay in front of channel partners or simply create a more dynamic web experience for your business, video is essential. Our web-based content creation technology can take your communications from idea to execution in minutes. Companies across the globe trust PointAcross for better sales communications.

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Short on time or resources? Our in-house team of designers and writers are here to help. Learn more about PointAcross Studio and see examples of our work.


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Whether you’re a lone wolf or part of a large enterprise, you have a story to tell and video is the way to tell it. Our intuitive technology allows you to easily create and share for sales, marketing, training and customer service in minutes.


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Creating video content is only the beginning. Once it’s online and into the hands of your audience, you need to know if they’re engaged and taking action. We can show you.


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Our in-house team of tech and creative experts are here to help you map out and achieve your communications goals. Our team is completely dedicated to your success.

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