Maximize Engagement
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One Minute of Video is Worth 1.8 million Words

- Dr. James McQuivey, Forrester Research

Quick Start

The software was designed for users to be productive in minutes — it’s never been easier to use video! Our ability to personalize your video with your viewer’s name, or add your digital business card and voice memo, increases the likelihood of them opening and watching your message.


We can leverage existing video content, create entirely new content for you, or allow you to make your own videos on the fly. Creating and sending this personalized content for sales, marketing, training, and customer service takes only minutes. And if you need content created, our team of experts can create effective video content quickly, and inexpensively.


At the end of every video is a completely customizable “call to action” link that draws your customer in when they are most likely to buy. Instead of leaving them hanging at the end of the video, they can click a link that takes them to a web page, a pre-populated shopping cart. Or generates an email back to the sender.It’s totally controlled by you!

The Results


Higher Engagement


Email Open Rates


Increase in Bookings

Pointacross Analytics


Creating and sharing the video content is only the beginning. Once it’s online and into the hands of your audience, you need to know if they’re engaged and taking action. We collect a multitude of unique data elements every time a video is clicked, enabling us to observe buying behaviors to drive ever better results. You will know who clicked, when, on what device, and how long they engaged with your content.