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PointAcross is the easiest way to leverage compelling video content for sales teams. Using our platform, you can easily catalog, personalize, share and track videos that drive engagement and revenue. We help hospitality brands increase revenue through a proven medium that grabs the attention of your prospect, and utilizes calls-to-action and analytics to drive and track success .

Our analytics engine collects a multitude of unique data elements every time a video is clicked, enabling us to observe buying behaviors to drive ever better results.


The PointAcross software suite is only the beginning! We know that content is the key to successful results, so our services team works with our clients to repurpose video, or create new video that drives fantastic results. We partner with our clients to leverage the value of this content within email and social media campaigns, and enabling your sales team to send personalized video to individual prospects.

Whether your focus is driving group sales, transient business, business or leisure revenue, PointAcross has a solution that can make it happen!

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Set yourself apart from your competition with content and messaging that is as unique as it is impactive. Stop sending boring content no one is reading, and transform your communications with engaging, dynamic and personalized video content that drives engagement and revenue.

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